Friday, February 19, 2010

oh em geeeeeee!



Go ahead. Judge me. I don't care. Because when my adolescent obsession with baby-faced long haired boys (see: Hanson) subsided, it was replaced with an obsession with bad 80s long haired men who wrenched my tormented teenaged heart in a big twisted knot with their soaring love ballads and terribly catchy pop songs.

The curly hair gets me every time:

Except now he looks more like this:
Which, I mean, I'm alright with.

In my Google firestorm of searching for photos for this post, I found out that Michael Bolton and Kenny G did a duet together (possibly more than one) and my head promptly exploded:

The hair! The hairspray! The tapered jeans! The glasses! The leather!
It's too much. It really is.

The part I love most is that he is STILL TOURING. Forget having meltdowns à la Mariah worrying about becoming a has-been.. Michael is living in a world of denial and ladies and gentlemen, it is a BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL EDEN.

And if you don't like it you can stick it in your Lady Gaga.

I HAVE NO WORDS. Just capitals, apparently. These two gorgeous creatures are collaborating on a song on his new album. I am not lying. I would also like to ironically point out that in that article I linked, he is so old that he didn't even know who she was.
I am off to sell my body. I have to pay for these tickets somehow!

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