Monday, February 1, 2010

miss america.

I watched part of the Miss America pageant on Saturday night (and then filled in the parts I missed.. on Sunday night).

I don't know what's happening as I get older, but I'm getting girlier. When I was in high school, I could have cared less about doing my nails, getting my hair done, and wearing heels - I wore some makeup, but was much more concerned about my grades and playing sports than dressing up. Now, I can't get enough of it! Housewives of the OC, watching pageants, getting my nails done on a regular basis, shopping... it's bad. I've started telling people to prepare themselves, because I'm going to be the grandmother with layers of gaudy jewelry and bright red lipstick.

I know that pageants are superficial. I know that. And I realize that Toddlers&Tiaras is made up of moms living vicariously through their daughters, but I still LOVE watching that show. I could not get over how quickly the Miss America pageant went - they decided who Miss America was from 53 contestants in 2 hours, based on four categories - swimsuit, evening wear, talent, and an "interview" (one question that took max 20 seconds to answer). Regardless, I was transfixed. These women were my age, and masters of their respective fields - in the top 12 there was a pianist, two opera singers, numerous pop singers, a ballerina, and a jazz dancer. [Sidenote: Could we pick some more stereotypically female talents please?] These women didn't just perform though.. they were outstanding at their talents, I thought the pianist was going to break the piano she was so insane (in a good way) and glamazon Miss District of Columbia could resurrect Pavarotti.

The winner, Miss Virginia, totally deserved it - she was beautiful, had an important (if not stereotypical) platform - AIDS awareness - and is studying broadcast journalism, with the hopes of someday becoming a news anchor.

The best part of this, and the most ridiculous part, is that instead of being bitter and cynical about this whole competition (see: me at 15 years old), I am actually inspired to go get involved in some more activities. I want to be interesting and inspirational! Oh, and I really should go get my hair done...

P.S. I LOVE CLINTON KELLY. My gaydar is all out of whack with him and I can't figure him out. But I would let him dress me any day.

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  1. It's funny, I was just thinking the other day how much you have changed since high school! Oh, and I don't know if Jocelyn told you or not, but she will soon be doing lash extensions! ;)