Tuesday, February 9, 2010

j & a

Okay. I love TLC. And I love the Duggars.

Now that we have that out of the way, I was curious about the timeline of Josh and Anna Duggars relationship, so I did a little research from their website (which is sickeningly sweet, fyi):

Early 2006 - Josh and Anna meet for the first time
June 2008 - Josh proposes
September 2008 - Josh and Anna get married
October 2009 - Josh and Anna have their first baby, Mackynzie Renée Duggar (yeah I said first.. you know they will have like 67 of them)

Can we just focus on these dates for a second?!

They only knew each other for a year and a half.. before he proposed. PROPOSED. As in, MARRIAGE. FOREVER. Guaranteed they did not spend any time alone together before that.. and even after they were engaged, they only hung out alon
e with a chaperone (a family member over the age of 15). No wonder they had such a short engagement.. if all I did was hold hands, I would not want to wait more than three months either!

And then, 5 months after they get married, they get pregnant. WHAT THIS IS CRAZY TALK

They are just getting used to being in a room alone and now they have to share it with another crying, pooping, helpless human being.. when all poor Josh wants to do is get laid. Might cause you to rethink the birth control situation hey there JD?

Photo obviously taken after the wedding night, because more than their palms are touching.

I really do not see the difference between this and an Indian arranged marriage. You base your decision on the family this person was raised in, the trust instilled in you from your religion, you do not spend much (if any) time alone with them prior to the wedding, get the sex talk a few weeks (or days) before the wedding, and trust your parents to make most of the decisions for you. And then, you promise your ENTIRE LIFE to someone you barely know.

The whitest, most Christian kids on the block are the same as two brown Hindus. Really, the world is smaller than we give it credit for.

P.S. Anna is the cutest girl ever. EVER. She is so innocent you can not help but love her.
P.P.S. I have not used a single apostrophe in this post because my keyboard is French today and my apostrophes look like this: è

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  1. OK, I admit I've been to Josh & Anna's website too!! haha I love the Duggar's! I see what you're saying though about the timeline, seems a little rushed. I just hope they live a long and happy life together, unlike other TLC couples.