Saturday, February 6, 2010

freak shows.

Today is better. I found my wine at a different liquor store on Friday night! Woohoo!

I love weekends because I don't have to be anywhere. I love not waking up to an alarm (who doesn't?!), and savoring the feeling of a nice cozy bed, with the sun streaming through the blinds.

When the phrase, "reality tv" first came out, it was introduced right around the time "Survivor" debuted, which, believe it or not, I have never watched a full episode of.

There are shows about shopping. About budgeting. About cooking, acting, organizing, clothing, rich people, poor people, millionaires, people in debt, everything!

The shows that get me are programs that highlight specific disorders that people have. On one hand, it's good in that the world is getting smaller, and families who are coping with a loved one dealing with a genetic disorder or rare illness no longer feel so isolated. My concern arises because I find myself watching these shows for entertainment. I watch them like I would watch a freak show, a circus act, a movie... it makes me wonder if the good doesn't outweigh the fact that these people are being exploited so that tv networks can make money.

This came around because I'm watching "Hoarders". This show is such a freak show.. crushed rodents, 80 thousand cats, feces everywhere.. they're not all like that, but the ones that are .. like how do you deal with a disorder like this when it just looks like laziness? I don't blame these people's families for not staying in physical contact.

Another thing I'm wondering is .. what is it with TLC and midgets?! I'm sorry, I know that's not politically correct.. they love their little people.. Little People Big World, The Little Couple, The Little Chocolatiers, and I've seen several specials on primordial dwarfism. They are capitalizing on people's obsession with little people. I'm going to be straight up here: I don't watch these shows to identify with the troubles they face. I watch these shows because I am SO GLAD I am 5'7", and it's funny to watch them toddle around and climb in cars and on counters. I know that sounds harsh. I'm sorry. Karma is going to get me. I used to watch LPBW, but then was turned off when it looked like the Roloff's marriage was deteriorating (they should be on Til Debt Do Us Part.. I'd watch that!). I watched all the Jon&Kate shows and saw their marriage fall apart... and that's not something that should be viewed by millions. And The Little Couple is just a boring show. I don't find those two funny or interesting at all. NOW, on the other hand, if they adopted a kid with primordial dwarfism, ratings would fly through the roof, and I'd schedule it in for SURE.

TLC has shows on excessive obesity, families with multiples, families with a bajillion children. Freak shows are on every day at suppertime. And I watch them.


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