Sunday, March 28, 2010

ways to make everyday life glamorous.

First off let me say I am not living a glamorous lifestyle. I work in a lab. I love pizza. I sweat when I work out. I drool when I sleep.

However, sometimes I like to pretend that I am a glamorous Housewife. Here are some ways that I live the dream:

1. If Victoria Beckham has taught us anything, it's that large sunglasses hide a multitude of sins. Wear them frequently. Even on cloudy days.
2. Bubble baths with lots and lots of bubbles.
3. Wear heels to run mundane errands. This only works in the late afternoon or evening, or else people will mistake you for a walk of shame. And that is not glamorous.
4. Wear pretty earrings when you work out.
5. Pink! I bought a pink toothbrush and I think I've brushed my teeth about twelve times. Since last night.
6. Lots of candles. Everywhere.
7. Take ten minutes and speed clean before bed. Early morning, bleary-eyed, fuzzy-headed you will forget you cleaned and it will feel like the maid snuck in after you fell asleep.
8. Dark chocolate.
9. Get your nails done. If nothing else about you is pulled together, at least your nails are!
10. Pretty underwear. Enough said!

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