Wednesday, March 24, 2010

drizzly run.

Time: 36-37 mins
Length: 5.0km (walked 0.6km)
Weather: 7 degrees, overcast, a little drizzly
Feeling: The "dead time" at the beginning of the run is decreasing! Woo!! Also, fat hungover

The last phrase should read, "fat hungover" and not "fat" and "hungover". Remember that spinach dip? I ate waaaay too much of it and went to bed four hours later still feeling sick. Yuck. And I definitely felt it today.. even though I got a full eight hours of sleep I still felt sluggish during the day and during my run. It's really interesting how I'm starting to connect what I feed my body and how I feel afterward - I drank a lot of water on Sunday and my run on Monday was awesome! I know all of this stuff in my head because I was very healthy in high school (and I read a lot of blogs and healthy living magazines and websites), but it's really cool to see it in real life again. Finally! :)

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