Thursday, March 18, 2010

st. patty's day

*This post is from Wednesday night.*


Time: ~35 minutes
Length: 4.5 km
Weather: 5 degrees C, clear, still light (7:15-7:50pm! I love spring!)
Feeling: Pretty energetic, a little pissed at having to run through ignorant groups of green-clad students who wouldn't move out of the way

St. Patrick's Day is the best. I ducked out of work early (having spent a late night on Tuesday), and at 3:30pm there were emerald crowds of students crawling the streets already. Later in the evening, I jogged by an obviously drunk dude stumbling towards the QEII Emergency room.. he managed to find the only snowbank left in HRM and fell head over teakettle right over it. He then proceeded to brush his hands off with rocks, and attempted to stand up straight. I stopped running and took out my earbud, and asked, "You alright bud?" He was like, "Yeaah, I'm jusht goin' to th'emergencsy rooom." Smashed at 7:23pm, no friends, and heading for the emergency room to pass out. Props for being responsible buddy! Also, if there are drunk wanderers in your group, make sure you always know where they are!! He easily could have tripped in front of a car.. then he REALLY would have needed the emergency room.

Also, Textsfromlastnight are HILARIOUS today. It makes me think that our generation is full of alcoholics though.. don't get me wrong, it's really funny, but it also makes me a leeetle worried for the next generation! Hopefully they're not all surprise FAS babies :S

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