Monday, March 1, 2010


Sunday was a relaxed day, except for that terribly exciting hockey game.. I was crunched up in a little ball holding my breath with 1 minute left, and yelled when USA tied it up with 24 seconds to go. I'm not a big hockey fan, but when the weight of an entire country rests on the shoulders of these young men (..old in some cases I guess), I feel I have to tune in to see how it goes. Plus, these are our boys!! I have never felt more patriotic than I did last night. [Thanks Steve and Geoff for the beer!]

I definitely didn't run yesterday, I could say it was because I wanted to see how my body felt after running for the first time in forever, but it's actually just because I was lazy. I was going to get up this morning, but my bed was too cozy and I hit snooze about four too many times. I was thinking all day at work about going for a run, and oddly enough actually looking forward to it.. weird what those endorphins can do isn't it??

Time: ~30 mins
Length: 3.9km (from Gmaps Pedometer)
Weather: 5 degrees C!! I wore capris!! Bare ankles!!
Feeling: Good, energized (I had 1/2 cup veggie juice and 1 tbsp pb because I was starving after work!)

For the first 3-4 minutes, I literally feel like I am going to die. I seem to remember this feeling, and that it goes away once my cardiovascular endurance gets back up to speed. Once I push through it, the endorphins take over and I love life! There's nothing like broadway tunes and a clear sidewalk right around dusk to take care of a day.

Before I stepped out for my run, I chopped up veggies and defrosted some chicken and threw together a marinade, and let it sit in the fridge while I ran. I also soaked some skewers in water.. because I made shish kabobs! Yummm.

Then I went to run some errands and spent a Superstore gift card from my dear parents <3

I don't really eat a lot of pasta, but Blue Menu pasta was on sale, and I'd already picked up the tortellini, so I thought I'd stock up (it's not like it expires). Also, I don't collect many things.. but I LOVE mugs. So I had to add this cute flowery one to the collection!

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