Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a medley of thoughts.

Avatar was sooo good! 800 calories of M&Ms later.. aahh!

Today's run was a little longer.


Time: 35 mins
Length: 4.4 km
Weather: 5-6 degrees C, clear
Feeling: Insufficiently fueled.. (that's what happens when I go to Tim's for lunch.. not a whole lot of veggies there!)

I came home and made shake and bake chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries, and filled the other half of the plate with veggies. Yum!

In other news, the winter parking ban is over two days early!! Woohoo! My apartment doesn't have parking with it, so since mid-December I've been paying to park in a parking lot down the road. Now I can park right outside my door again! It's funny how you don't realize what a treat that is until you don't have it..

I watch a lot of TLC.. and they show an ad for the new show, "Addicted", quite frequently. There's one scene where a father leans down to his son and says, ".. it's Dad." That scene KILLS me. I tear up just thinking about it. It makes me thankful that I really have no idea what drug addiction is like.

DC is coming to Halifax on Friday for a conference!! I haven't seen him in a month and I'm so excited :) You'd think after almost seven months we'd have adjusted to this long distance thing, and I think to a certain extent we have. I never stop missing him though.. (awwwww). Thank goodness for Facebook!

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