Wednesday, March 31, 2010

training plan, finally.

I'm dreaming about more races in my future, even though I haven't run one yet. I may be jumping the gun a bit, but.. well, welcome to my life!

I'm eyeing the PEI Marathon (October 17th), not for the marathon but for the Half (21.1 km). It will be 21 weeks after my first 10km, which is a ridiculous amount of time, and I believe I am definitely capable of being ready in 5 months.

That being said, I mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to try and work out a training plan for this 10k, but so far I've just been haphazardly running out the door and running whatever I feel like. Which is great, I mean I'm having fun, but I'm not sure I'm prepping my body "correctly" to run a solid 10k in 7.5 weeks. That being said, when started my goal was just to finish, and since I already know I can cover 10k at once without dying, maybe my new goal should be a specific time, instead of racing to finish.

This is my record of the last few weeks:

Like the palm trees? I'm completely in denial that it is raining and c-c-c-cold outside.

It's glaringly obvious that this follows absolutely no pattern, except for that I never run on Fridays and I managed to hit 4/5 Mondays. It's like I start the week with good intentions but I'm burnt out by Friday. Also, the gross three (and, ahem, four) day gaps are very apparent when it is written out like that. I think I needed this month to get into some semblance of a habit. And boy do I notice it! My body loves me more now than ever. I have started to crave the endorphins that exercising is giving me, and I actually look forward to running when I get home. I think I've accepted the fact that I will not get up early to run before work, because running in the evenings is the same exercise anyway, and plus I'm not under any time constraints.

By playing with this training plan, (and converting it roughly to kms), this is what I've come up with:

I only have one rest day; and the short 3km run on Friday is so that I don't have two rest days in a row. I feel like this is rather ambitious, and I'm not sure how running in Toronto is going to go. In any case, it's a plan!

Also, how CUTE is this dress??

Who says you can't look girly when you're running..


  1. Congrats on creating a training plan! Would you be able to make the calendar photos a tad larger so that we would be able to see the specifics of your plan?
    Thanks! :)

  2. Sorry about that! It's fixed now :)