Thursday, October 28, 2010

much awaited before photos.


Here are the delightful before photos of my new apartment!! I can finally share them because I start moving in tomorrow, and the current tenant is all moved out!!

The front door is to the right. This is the GIANT closet (only closet) that is right inside the door.
The green? Is going. Blech.

Giant closet and entry way to the diagonal right. The photo was taken standing in the kitchen.
My table and chairs will go just under that window to the left.

Other side of the kitchen.


Further into the bedroom, the bed "nook" is to the left.

Bed "nook". Only fits a double (thank goodness that's what I have!).

From inside the bedroom, looking towards the kitchen and living room.

The bedroom is beside the bedroom, off of the kitchen. The purple is going.

Other side of the bathroom.

Aanother shot of the gross kitchen wall.

Standing inside the living room looking towards the entrance.

Living room wall, just waiting for some art work!

Living room windows. NOT my curtains.

More windows.

Looking back towards the kitchen.

I'm so excited to get in there and clean, and make it my own. You will definitely be seeing some "after" shots, it's just a matter of when!


  1. Your place looks nice, and has a lot of good potential. I've been pretty lazy with mine, the only thing on my wall is my diploma and a picture of pintsize.

    Maybe after seeing the 'after' picture i'll get my butt in gear and do something with my pad.

  2. No pressure, right?

    Also, I died at the QC reference :)