Monday, October 11, 2010

long weekend.

Ahhh. Thanksgiving weekend. I'm at the tail end of a restful three days, and it is lovely.

Saturday morning brought a bit of a disappointment, as the bus (bringing DC) couldn't get over the Confederation Bridge due to high winds. Alternate travel arrangements would have had him traveling all day and missing Thanksgiving dinner, so we both decided it would be best for him to visit next weekend instead. I was a bit sad, so I went for a jog, and wound up catching up to one of my neighbors who was out for a walk. 9km later, we had gabbed our way back home, and I had a much better attitude. Feeling down? Chat with someone you haven't seen in a while. Ask them about themselves to take your mind off of your troubles. Cheap therapy, my friends :)

After I got back and cleaned up, we had our family dinner, and it was DELICIOUS. I've been eating leftovers ever since and LOVING it. My mother truly outdoes herself.

The table awaits!

Incredible. Squash, carrots, stuffing, turkey, potatoes, and jelly salad (thanks Oma!).
Also, peas, gravy and cranberry sauce (not pictured).
Please note the strategic placement of the stuffing.

Homemade pumpkin pie (and apple, not pictured). AMAZING!

Once I digested my food baby over some tea and coffee (it took approximately 5 hours to go away.. ha!), I ran some errands to pick up materials for a little arts and crafts project:

Not going to lie, my mom totally helped me cut out the big letters. Thanks mom!

My friend Josh ran a marathon on Sunday! I drove to Wolfville to go be a cheerleader for him. Getting up at 6:30am was hard for me. That was NOTHING compared to what these runners went through!! 42.2km of headwinds. Strong, frustrating, spirit crushing headwinds. Nevertheless, Josh powered through it, and ran across the finish line around 4:16!! And he got a sweet medal. The green monster reared its ugly head in me and I started planning when I could get a cool medal of my own :)

Incredible! Congratulations Josh!!

I literally vegged out the rest of the day on the couch. You know, because watching people run is such hard work! I rented "Sicko" by Michael Moore and it made me really, really grateful to be Canadian.. but now I want to move to France. Did you know that full time employees get FIVE weeks of paid vacation every year?! That's two and a half times more than us! AND they work 35 hour work weeks versus our 37.5-40. Crazy.

Also, I may have picked this up while gathering craft supplies.

I was dreaming of my Prince Charming <3

Today I haven't even showered. Gross. I got out of bed at 11am to the smells of cinnamon rolls that had just come out of the oven. I sat around drinking coffee, reading blogs, and Youtube surfing for the next few hours. Life is rough.

Then I decided I needed to do SOMETHING. I bought a table and chairs off of Kijiji a month or two ago, intending to strip the finish off and re-stain it darker. But my goodness. I am coming to the realization that I am not a do-it-yourself-er, I am a who-do-I-pay-to-do-this-for-me-er.

AND I'm using my dad's palm sander. There is no way I'd ever finish this if I had to do it all by hand!

So far I have finished sanding the four table legs and one chair.
One more chair and the table top to go!
Thankfully it is a small set...

Now, some tea and some Grey's (I'm still catching up from last week! boy I love the internet...)

And, just maybe, I'll shower.

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