Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Commute.

Aaahh, The Commute. One of my main excuses (yup, excuses) for not posting as much lately. Two hours of flicking between radio stations, self reflection, and lovely sunrises. And the occasional bum.

Sun peeking over Miller Lake. About 20 minutes in.

What a pretty sky!

Not so stressful.

Seat buddies: mug #1, spinach smoothie; mug #2, coffee; sandals for after work; packed lunch; and smartwater, because if Jennifer Aniston drinks it, it will make me ripped. But hopefully not single. OH SNAP

Coming into Dartmouth.

Approaching the Macdonald bridge. This is where I apply another coat of mascara and lip gloss. There's a lot of sitting in traffic, it's safe! (ha)

Sigh. For my American friends, that's $1.03/L, or $3.93/gallon.

Sun over the harbor.

No word of a lie: When crossing this bridge, I always unlock my doors. So when the bridge breaks and I miraculously survive, I can get my door open and swim to the surface. Sometimes I also roll the windows all the way down.

Is that a BUTT?

I believe it is. There was totally a guy standing on the sidewalk who saw me take this photo. Awwwkward. Also, I couldn't help thinking, how many times did that person have to photocopy their butt to get an "ad quality" bum print? Were there auditions for this ad?

Pet peeve: when people park on the side of the road when it distinctly says:

...No parking between the hours of 7am-9am. It was 8am at the time. It really slows down traffic when everyone has to squish in one lane..

On another note, I came home tonight and found THIS in the basement...

Is that what I think it is??!

Look closely...

Alas. It was empty. And thus you get a blog post, otherwise I would have been buried in spells, armor and quests.

Caribbean dance is SO MUCH FUN!! I think I smiled for most of the class yesterday, when I wasn't busy pulling my pants back up (bum shaking makes them fall down, who knew?) and checking myself out in the mirror. My parents tell me there used to be a mirror opposite my crib when I was a wee bebe, and I used to talk to myself and stare in it all the time. Surprisingly, TIMES HAVE NOT CHANGED MY FRIENDS. Plus, today my quads were sore. I like to call these times, "accidental workouts", like when you're doing a fun activity (dance, frisbee, hiking) and you forget you're also working out. They're the best kind!

Now, I must go set up the coffee maker, another commute awaits in the morn..

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