Monday, October 4, 2010

nerdy throwback.

A few things that I can't get enough of lately: (check out the podcast) and

If the combination of those two websites doesn't blow the nerd factor out of the water, rest assured that I was, in fact, glued to the tv watching Star Trek tonight, and oh hey, look what I found while cleaning out a closet at my parents' place:

11 year old me was obsessed with this series. Plus Shawn Ashmore was (is?) cute.

I think I went through a tomboy phase where I loved sports, certain PC games (Baldur's Gate anyone?) and reading more so than girlie things. But toddler me certainly liked girlie things, as evidenced by my favorite doll ever:

This, my friends, is "Doll-ya". Apparently I used to "hide" her and walk from room to room calling, "Doll-ya! Are you?" .. as in, where are you, my toddler brain has temporarily-on-purpose forgotten where I put you?

And grown up me has almost gone a full year with gel acrylic nails (whoa, what?! Rachael went girly again!) and started wearing COLOR! This is big. I am the neutral QUEEN. My old roommate Lindsay and I used to joke that you could always tell whose side of the closet was whose because her's was like all ROY G. BIV up in there and mine looked like the camera settings were on B&W. If you catch my drift.


I will no longer be embarassed in yoga class by fraying straps and nasty old tanks.

With a sweet back to it too!

Now, where did I put my hair straightener?


  1. I love that sports tank! The back is really neat.

  2. Thanks! So do I! I'm not going to lie, a little part of me believes that if I buy Lululemon products, I will have a better life. Just kidding. Sort of.