Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday adventure!

Hello my dear readers! I apologize to the 5 of you for not updating more frequently. I vow to get better. SO, this weekend I went on a little adventure, 50% for me, and 30% for you. And 20% for me.

Saturday morning I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and take a little road trip.

Sometimes I like to pretend I'm a movie star. A movie star that drives herself around.

Just me, the Vibe, and the open road!

After about an hour and 40 mins of driving, I found what I was looking for!

I'm really glad there were signs to point me in the right direction.
(The OCD part of me shuddered when I saw this sign!)

Ta DAAAHH! I went to the Jost Winery in Malagash, Nova Scotia!

This is what piqued my interest originally. I heard an ad on the radio
and thought it would be fun to check out.

What I did not think about was that there was a good chance this, being a vineyard in a small town, was definitely not well equipped to handle the volume of traffic that appeared. You'd think after 10 years of doing this they'd at least have someone handling parking... but alas. I managed to find a parking spot and went to check out the vineyard.

The grape stomp was just that... there were separate teams (dressed in all sorts of wild attire), fundraising for separate charities and every half hour, one or two teams would hop into a baby pool full of grapes and stomp themselves wild for 8 minutes. With their bare, sweaty feet. Eww. At the end of the 8 mins, the grapes were strained out and the liquid weighed. I'm not exactly sure how the fundraising part went - did only the winning team get money for their charity? Or did everyone get sponsors and the winning team just got more money? I will never know.

I was more interested in exploring around the fields of grapes! Sooo cool. I took a million photos, and here are my favorites:

I could get lost in this place.

Obviously, I didn't mean that literally.


Loving life!

One of my life goals (along with becoming a ballerina and an astronaut) is to be a photographer.

Then I squirreled my way in to the shop and found some treasures!

How pretty is this place?

My bounty.

Time for an artsy shot!

And one more of the grapes. So cute!

On the way home, a miracle: Farmer's Hoofprints FROYO!!!!

That's why the cone is so big. You can stop thinking I'm a fattie now. Kthanks.

A disheveled, chubby bug. BUT OH SO HAPPY!!

How could I not be happy with these beautiful blue skies and open roads?!


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