Monday, September 20, 2010

new moon.

If you showed up hear hoping to hear and/or see things about RPattz, you can leave now. I'm not talking about that kind of moon.

I haven't really been working out a lot. My activity has consisted of doing stairs at work, going for short walks and that one time I went swimming.

The yoga class I signed up for started last Thursday night. I skipped it. "WHAT!", you exclaim, "You are such a lazy BUM!"'s funny you say the word, "bum". I was, in fact, planning to go, and had my yoga clothes with me at work. I changed in the bathroom, and as I was giving myself the once over in the mirror (come on, you do it, and if you don't, you should, because you're probably the one walking arround with stuff stuck to your butt). And guys, my PANTS WERE SEE THROUGH. Not standing around see through but downward dog see through, if you know what I'm saying. They didn't pass the tension test. Sigh. The cost of the class was less than the cost of driving home and getting another pair of pants (that is, if I had left an extra hour and a half to go get pants.. commuters have to be organized!), so I stayed late at work and banked some time instead.

The punch line to this whole story is that I have DEFINITELY worn those pants to yoga before. I'm sorry Halifax, for mooning you. So, SO sorry! It's kind of funny though. I'm usually so careful with that stuff (you know, the "exposing-myself-in-public" sort of stuff). LESSON LEARNED.

This week, on top of the Glee season premiere (Tuesday), I start Carribean dance (Wednesday) and attend my first class of yoga (Thursday). With non-see through pants. PROMISE. Then Friday, DC is coming to visit me!!!! We're planning a special weekend and I'll tell you why later :)

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