Wednesday, September 1, 2010

lots of kms, and lobster.

What a crazy week so far!! I've been slacking on the blogging front, but here's why:


Woke up to this. Couldn't you have waited one more day?!
This was literally my last night ever of parking here.. sigh.

(Not actual photo)
Moved out of my apartment!
Did you know UHaul gets their vans and trucks registered and insured in Arizona because it's cheaper?
Plus that way they don't have to pass Canadian Motor Vehicle Inspections.

Cleaned apartment, returned key and got back damage deposit.. phewf!


Drove to PEI for work conference (that included chemistry, lobster, and chocolate cake.. life is good!)..
and then drove home.. 528 kms later, nbd.


Thursday (aka tomorrow aka today because it's 1am): Work noon-6pm; errands; shopping for outfit for wedding on Saturday?!

Friday: Work, pack for weekend

Saturday-Monday: PEI for friend's wedding, and lots of bf-gf time <3

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