Sunday, March 1, 2009


Have you seen The Guardian lately? In the newspaper today, there is a story about some racy photos that were taken of a woman in firefighter's gear at the local fire department.

"Explicit photos of a topless girl leaning next to, inside, and on top of a Charlottetown fire truck is being described as a black mark on the firefighting service. The photos started appearing in people’s e-mail Thursday. A total of 18 different photos were emailed to city councillors, firefighters, and prominent residents as well as to the media. The first in the series of photos show the unknown woman posing topless in firefighter protective wear at an unknown location."

My first reaction when I heard about this story was, "Let's see the photos!!" My next reaction was to laugh. A lot. I can see exactly where this is going - some young firefighter thought it would be a kick to get his hot gf (p.s. she is gorgeous) to pose in his gear.. or maybe it was even her idea. Whatever. I think I'm pretty progressive when it comes to this sort of thing - I see nothing wrong with this. I think it's cute.

"Other photos included in the email show the woman topless standing next to a Charlottetown fire truck, parked inside the hall at Station #2 in Sherwood. Other photos show the woman hanging off the back of a fire truck, inside the cab of the truck at the steering wheel as well as straddled between two trucks, wearing only a firefighter’s protective hat, pants and rubber boots."

She was topless, covered from the waist down, and only having seen one of the photos (which was on the front page of the paper, on a Sunday. Only you, Charlottetown.), I'm assuming in all of the photos, her nipples were covered by the suspenders on the pants (they were in the photo I saw, which had her face blurred out). It's not like someone shot a porn video on top of a fire truck. If anything, they should be making a calendar of these photos (with her permission, of course) and having a fundraiser. But since Ch'town is so conservative and straightlaced, it's this big scandal. The firefighter isn't even with the department anymore, so they can't even get rid of him. I guess the biggest concern was if she was over 18. This wasn't mentioned anywhere in the article at all. Probably because this is Charlottetown, and the "unidentified woman" would have been easily identifiable by anyone currently in the department.

Also, I am 100% certain that the Guardian didn't ask the woman for permission to print the photos. If I were her, and if Charlottetown wasn't so small, I'd be suing their asses for damages. As it is, she could probably just stomp over to that reporter's house and kick him in the balls herself.

I have a message for you Charlottetown:
Her bf isn't with the department anymore, she's probably not even with him. The city councillors and "prominent residents" are probably just embarrassed that they got boners from a woman posing in gear that was paid for from taxpayer's money.

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