Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Yesterday in our quaint little town there was a downpour of freezing rain, and everything got coated in a sheet of ice. Usually, the weather changes rapidly in this province, so I didn't think it would last very long and I would miss the chance to take some photos. Thankfully, it lasted until today, and I went for a walk around and took a lot of pictures. Photography is a hobby of mine that I really enjoy - I love off centre shots, candids, and understated photos. The photo on the left is of me attempting to get a photo of the fur on my coat, but I missed a bit and captured the left side of my face. I like that you can see that my ear is red - it was cold out there! The second photo is of the walkway I was on at one point - this one is surprisingly clear, as Charlottetown is not known for it's promptness in sidewalk clearing. I usually walk fairly quickly, with a sense of purpose, but my gait slows at this time of year, that is for certain!

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