Friday, February 27, 2009



Nadya and I share a few important things in common. We both love babies. We both have always dreamed of having our own families. We both can't (well, couldn't, in her case) wait to have a little person to connect with that is actually a part of yourself.

There is one MAJOR difference:

I have common sense, and this dear woman does not.

Nadya had octuplets January 26th of this year. OCTOPLETS = EIGHT BABIES. HOLY SHIT. EIGHT. Eight premature, tube fed, hanging out in incubators, crying, pooping infants. Lovely for Nadya, now she has the big family she'd been dreaming of, except she probably won't sleep for the next 5 years. EXCEPT WAIT. She already has six kids at home. UNDER EIGHT YEARS OLD.

The woman now has fourteen (more than a soccer team's worth of kidlets) all under eight years old at home.

I mean, whatever, John and Kate have 8, I'm sure she can manage, with her husband to help out. .. Oh wait, nope, she's single.

Good thing she's got a good job then, she's got a lot of mouths to feed and a lot of medical bills to pay .. oh wait.. nope, no job either. She's been on disability for a spinal cord injury that happened as the result of a riot from the mental hospital that she used to work at.

Oh wow, she must have been fertile to make eight babies on her very own! Uhh, nope, no she wasn't, she had ALL FOURTEEN KIDS via IVF treatment.

How the HELL does a broke woman with a bad back have the means to undergo IVF no less than six times?? How do they let her keep coming back when she's on government support? Are there no regulations on IVF? It enrages me that it's easier to get medical assistance to pop out a soccer team (with no money, keeep in mind) than it is to adopt ONE orphan (who's already been born, FYI) from a foreign country. Good luck even adopting a child as a single parent.

I haven't even mentioned her plan to provide for her children: she's going to go back to school in the fall to get her Master's, in order to qualify for higher-paying jobs. According to her she'll be able to do it with student loans and government support. Don't even get me started..

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