Thursday, January 20, 2011

rain rain go away..

This is from Wednesday's run.

Time: 6:30am. ~36 mins
Length: 3 miles
Weather: +5Cish
Feeling: Rain rain, go away...

I didn't eat anything before this run, and boy did I feel it. Running in the morning is great, because I'm done early, but not having anything in my tummy is a serious disadvantage.

My Caribbean dance class started up again! They were going to offer it twice a week, but unfortunately there's not enough interest. Boo. The class is hilarious - I like to pretend I'm a professional dancer. Except there's a mirror in the room, so once I catch a glimpse of myself, that fantasy is pretty much shot (ha!). But it is a lot of fun, and it's all women (and most of us are uncoordinated) so it's not scary at all. I literally have to prevent myself from ogling the instructor during every class though, because it should be illegal for someone to be able to move their hips like that. Talenttt

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