Friday, December 3, 2010

I actually gave the turtle pose below a shot last night. I am not as flexible as that! But it was fun to try. I suceeded in drinking 1.5L of H2O on Day Two (less than 0.5L on Day One). A side goal I have for this month is to up the volume of water I consume, because I know I feel better when I do.

On another, terrible note, I think the hard drive in my laptop is shot. Naturally, I haven't backed up any of my data and photos, and have not updated the latest version of my anti virus software, leaving my poor labtop vunerable to Trojans and Durexes and whatever other horrible viruses are out there. So now I can't turn it on. Thankfully I have a brother who is good with computers and who will exchange his expertise for food (whether he realizes this is the trade or not.. ha!), so now my baby is hanging out chez Steve and hopefully he can get it working again. Otherwise, I might have to rush a hasty letter to Santa with an updated Christmas list.

Niiiice tights bud.

I'm going to see the Nutcracker with my Dad next Friday! I used to watch it on TV around Christmastime, and I'm pretty sure the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy was what convinced me I Would someday be a ballerina (psst: I still believe I will be. no big deal). Mom gave me a ticket for my birthday and then told me Dad would be getting the other one :) Nothing like a little family bonding around the holidays!

I bought peppermint extract the other day and attempted to make my own peppermint cocoa. The first attempt was a massive flop (so strong it made my eyes water!), but I'm hoping to perfect it before Christmas arrives. I'll let you know the results when I find the magic combination!

Enjoy your weekend!

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