Tuesday, November 9, 2010

what to do when you're too cheap to pay for internet..

..and your neighbors all have secured wireless networks. Sigh.

I have moved into my lovely abode and spent my first night there alone (DC visited this weekend). Unfortunately I do not have the internets because I'm choosing to squirrel that money away into my Future Fund (aka Travel Fund aka Thailand Fund aka School Fund??!). So this is what I've come up with so far:

1. Do dishes.

2. Play Solitaire.

3. Listen to music stored in my iTunes library.

4. Enjoy the boy channels that you get for free on your tv (Spike TV, TSN..).

5. Call Mom.

6. Make the bed.

7. Shower.

8. Text boyfriend.

9. Eat chocolate frozen yogurt.

10. Get really, really good at Minesweeper.

11. Go to bed by 10:30. With a hot water bottle.


In other news, I had three drinks out with friends the other night (over 2.5 hours, with dinner). And came home sufficiently loaded, complete with hangover the next day.

The job, the car, the single apartment, the banking, the budgeting - all of that was just a warm up.

I have officially crossed the line from "university" into "real life". As in, Adult Who Can No Longer Drink Like She Did In University.

Stay tuned for a post on knitting. Followed swiftly by "An Ode to the Graceful Feline".

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