Tuesday, September 1, 2009

tired and happy.

I'm moved in!!! It's not quite finished, there are a few pieces left at Mom and Dad's, so when it's all put together, I will take photos and post them here. I can't get over how great this place is for me - it's the perfect size! I was worried about the storage space, but as long as I store carefully and restrain future purchases (my mother loved this idea), I should have no problem. I don't have a linen closet, but the drawers in the kitchen are huge (my landlord renovated recently, and he's got great taste too!), so I'm using one of those as a linen/towel drawer. I also didn't realize how many kitchen items I have.. for having an apartment of my own for the first time, I'm pretty well equipped!

Mom's coming over tomorrow night with a few final things for this place. I have to say I am extremely spoiled to have parents as great as these two.. they packed up all my things today at home (while I was at work) and met me here after work. I made one trip from the van to the house, and the rest of my time was spent unpacking what they brought in. They made my bed for me, broke down boxes, helped me unpack, and presented me with a "housewarming gift" of a grocery store gift card and a bottle of wine. I felt like royalty :)

Shortly after they left, I was talking to the bf on the phone, and I got a call from my brother - he and a few friends were in town and wanted to see the place! They were literally outside my door when they called, so I let them in and we chatted for a while. I have been in my apartment for literally under three hours at this point and I've had guests already!

Between that experience and my bf coming to visit this weekend, I don't think this week can get any better! I'm feeling a lotta love right now..

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  1. Love the place, I'll definitely be visiting. That apartment is totally you!