Thursday, August 27, 2009

a good way to ensure you get divorced.

I came across this blog this morning, and I thought to myself, "Self, no wonder the divorce rate is so high these days."

This woman married her husband (in March of 2009... this was a mere 5 months ago people) and promptly started a blog (which is TRADEMARKED, I might add) about her husband's annoying habits.

I am young, and naive, and I think I have all the answers. I will admit that, right up front. I will also say that even though I am unmarried, I am in a relationship, and I'm pretty sure that a good way to ensure you STAY in a relationship (and a good one, at that) is to encourage, honor, and build up your partner - not belittle them and bring them down. I'm certain that the way to a long lasting, loving partnership is overlooking the little things that bug you (like messy eating habits) and realizing that life is more about spending time together, accomplishing goals that you set out to do together, and helping each other reach your full potential. I am no fortune teller, but I can guarantee you that these two won't reach the 5 year mark. Once he realizes that she is making money off of exaggerating his flaws and putting him down all day, he will take the money and run, and find someone more worthy of his affections - and I would fully support his decision. I hoped they signed a pre-nup!

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