Friday, January 22, 2010

wake up call.

I received an email from a friend about this blog.

First of all, WOOHOO! Feedback!

Second of all, when I first opened her email, I thought - here we go. I knew someone was going to get upset about me whining about my terrible LDR. But she didn't blast me like I was expecting, she just opened up about her experiences, which I appreciate. She is going through an LDR of her own (her boyfriend is in Afghanistan). I know that we are going through similar experiences (missing a loved one, missing sharing everyday experiences.. missing smelling boy in person), but I am acutely aware that our experiences are very, very different. I have the luxury of texting (obnoxiously sometimes ... sorry DC!), and facebooking, and calling on the regular, whereas she has limited contact and a whole lot more worrying.

I guess the moral of the story is that I feel that a blog is a safe place to express what I'm feeling, and when it's dark and I'm lying in bed alone, sometimes I forget about how other people may be feeling.. and I just worry about me.

So thank you for your wake up call. Call me. Let's have coffee.

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