Thursday, December 17, 2009

i hate stupid people.

Brace yourselves, I'm going to rant.

I posted a comment on this article yesterday:

My comment read:

"Wow, we live in a rich country...not worried about war or famine, but being charged 15 cents for an incoming text.

Let me start off my saying I'm a Rogers customer, and have always had good experience with their customer service - even if I did have to wait on hold for an eternity.

Von Sacken should start acting like a mother. She gave the kids phones and then basically threw up her hands saying, "I can't control how many texts they get." Start charging your children for them, or taking away their Wiis and laptops if they don't comply. Change their plans. Change their phone numbers - it's free with Rogers.

Good lord woman, stop complaining about the luxury of having personal cell phones and start being a mother."

First of all, this comment received 16 thumbs up and 107 thumbs down. ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN. I read through the posts after that, and two people addressed my comment, "Puzzled accountant":

"rhakinson, get off your soapbox and read the article again - more carefuly this time."

and "Tyerin":

"rhankinson, tell you what. I want to arbitarily charge you an extra 15 cents on every interaction you do that invovles money, ever bill you pay, coffee you buy etc.

Infact I'm going to do that to everyone, and become rich. I mean, there's no war or femine here as you said, so no one will mind while I take such a tiny amount of their money and rake in thousands of dollars a month, right?

Out of context, this is the exact, and I repeat, exact same context within what rogers has done.

You were doing things before that didn't cost you an extra 15 cents, but now you are.
Infact, you don't have to accept a text message and you'll be charged anyway.

I'm going to change my pilosphy, instead of everytime thinks of you (I know you can't control this) I'm going to charge you 15 cents, that's more in line with it, as you can't help who sends a text message, even if you ask them not to the might."

Aside from the atrocious number of spelling and grammar mistakes (I realize I didn't capitalize "lord" and I had a fragment in my post ... however... "Infact"? "arbitarily"? really?), have we really come to a time in society when people a) don't realize how rich they are and b) can't succintly and literately express themselves? Tyerin's comparison doesn't even make sense. Rogers couldn't start charging me for buying coffee if I hadn't signed a contract first. Duh.

Rant about the article:
The mother clearly had no idea what she was getting into when she signed on to a three year contract with THREE teenages and three phones. It obviously would have been a better choice to get them all phones with prepaid calling (and not with Rogers, jeepers!), and then if the money ran out before the month ended, tell your kids to get a job and buy the cards themselves.

It was announced in the media months before the actual change that Rogers (as well as a number of other providers, I believe) were going to start charging for incoming texts. Why did she wait until after the fact to get upset about it?

She also appeared to only have called Rogers once, before filing a complaint with the BBB. I've been on hold with Rogers for 75 minutes before, before talking to a very nice lady in customer service. You have to at least TRY to speak to someone before you go all ape shit on the media.

Rant about the posters:
They suck. That is all.

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