Thursday, November 12, 2009


So it's mid-November, and I haven't done a recap of my October goals. Here goes!

- Read the biography of someone I find inspiring - BUST
Let's face it, I got through 30 pages of the Alfred Nobel book and I was falling asleep.. much too boring. I do, however, now know that there is a basement level to the library (who knew?) and plan on visiting there more often.

- Go on a road trip to somewhere I've never been before - SUCCESS
This one I completed, travelling the Cabot Trail with Donnie on Thanksgiving weekend.

- Try and stay focused at work - SUCCESS
In general, I have gotten better so I will consider this one a success.

- Explore the history of the area in which I'm living - 1/2 SUCCESS?
The only thing I've done towards this goal was walk through the cemetary across from my apartment, which was an event in itself because I find cemetaries creepy. I can't for the life of me (haha...) understand how people who were once talking, walking, loving, learning, and working are now under the ground with nothing but busted down tombstones to mark their places. I did however, find the grave of a former premier of Nova Scotia.

- Find somewhere to volunteer on a regular basis - SUCCESS
I have finished the paper work I needed to get done, now the police check, and I'll be good to go.

- Exercise (cardio) three times a week - BUST
Big fail. I'm still doing pilates at work, and I'm noticing improvements in my body through this, but it's doing nothing for my cardiovascular system. I bought a Tae Bo video, but so far Billy Blanks is chillin in his case underneath my tv.. oops.

- Try one new recipe each week - SUCCESS (surprised?)
This is a success. I've made several things I haven't before, including hummus, edamame dip, squash and pumpkin soup, chocolate biscotti, homemade spicy chicken soup, and several varieties of smoothie. Yum!

4.5 out of 7.

There are six weeks until Christmas, so I'll make my next set of goals for then. Here we go:

Buy a tape measure and fat calipers and determine my measurements and body fat percentage. Pick one thing to improve on by Christmas.

Channel my inner Martha and re-learn to knit (I've got the middle part down, but casting on and off still eludes me). Pick a few mini projects and aim to be working on something when watching tv.

Choose three classes to take in January (pilates, yoga, dance classes, pottery, etc.), and have registration info all lined up and ready to go. I need to fill up my schedule because winter and I are not buddies at all, and I tend to hibernate if I don't have anything planned.

Drink 2L of water a day. I know from my past that I feel like a million bucks when I drink a lot of water, but I've been slacking lately.

Go on a road trip to somewhere else in NS that I've never been to. I finally have a car, so I'm not taking this freedom for granted!

Get all my Christmas shopping done by December 12th. Two weeks before Christmas will leave me lots of time to get into the good stuff, like decorating and baking! Woohoo!

P.S. Don't eat two large pieces of chocolate biscotti before a pilates class. Eww.

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