Friday, October 16, 2009

home and dry.

1800kms later, we are home. Dear bf is back on the isle and I am back to the grind at work.

Did I mention that camping in October makes for a chilly, damp experience? We managed to tent 3 of the 4 nights we were out there, and the second-to-last night my darling bf delivered me a lovely early birthday present of a night in a hotel! (For the record, king size beds are too large.. I got lost in there!)

Once we had figured out that he likes to drive and I like to take photos, we were bombing along cliff sides and avoiding rainshowers to zoom into look out spots and take a few photos before dashing back in the car to dry off and eat some more chocolate (no campfires means a lot of s'more material to dispose of.. yum!). I learned a lot about how we work together and that we have different things we see when we look at the same town. He is awed by architecture, history, and feats of engineering, and I prefer to see beaches or comb through souvenir shops. It makes for an interesting balance when vacationing together, and it definitely involves compromise. On another note, we learned how to put up a tent in 5 minutes flat - thankfully, we managed to beat the hail!

I'm finally caught up on laundry, and back to work. Our next scheduled adventure is in early May, for his cousin's wedding in Toronto. I have 10 days off at Christmas (including weekends), so maybe something will have to be in order then.. the wheels are already turning!

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