Thursday, October 8, 2009

headed for the highlands.

I'm all packed and waiting - just a few things to finish up at my place after work, and I'm headed on a road trip! I'm meeting my bf at his place tonight (3 hours away), and then tomorrow we're headed to Cape Breton for Thanksgiving weekend.

I love autumn. I love the colors and the crisp air.. I have never been to CB in the fall, but I hear the trees are spectacular! I've loaded up on camera batteries and I'm ready to put my amateur photography skills to the test. My car, which I have tentatively named "Little Grey", is packed full of camping gear and tons of groceries. I've gone camping before with the man, but never for five days, not in October (it's a little cooler this time of year!), and I don't think I've ever cooked a real meal outside before. I'm excited to see how this will pan out. The last time we went on a road trip, it was in the middle of winter and we got caught in a snowstorm.. I am hoping the snow will hold off this time!

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