Friday, September 14, 2007


Fourteen Reasons to Love My Uterus:
An Ode to the Misunderstood and Underappreciated Female Organ.

1. You are small, but mighty.
2. You are an incubator for new life.
3. You are stubborn.
4. Once a month, I am reminded that I am unarguably and unchangeably (although I guess that’s debateable) female.
5. You make me appreciate my mother.
6. You allow me to be a mother.
7. Your kind have the ability to turn the most aggressive, steel-willed, icy-eyed business woman into a weepy, chocolately mess at least once a month.
8. Your kind carry within you strength that can transform even the smallest, most complacent woman into a screaming samurai warrior with the power of breaking bones and shattering many an eardrum.
9. Your kind have the power to topple the tallest, bravest men with one solid contraction.
10. Your kind have brought many a genius into the world: Einstein, Edison, Bach, Descartes…
11. …and also many a disaster: Stalin, Hitler, Bush, and Stronach.. but you, dear uteri, you don’t judge; you allow everyone a fair chance at life.
12. You are mysterious. Men will never understand your wily ways.
13. You are frightening. Men will never WANT to understand your wily ways.
14. You are inescapable, indescribable, kind of ugly, and downright confusing.

You are my uterus.

1 comment:

  1. I like how Belinda Stronach is in the list as a disaster.

    You posted an Ode to Uteri. You're my favourite. haha.