Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'm back!! Although I make no promises on how frequently I will blog.. because my life is about to get a lot busier! I'm going back to SCHOOL!!

I graduated university with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, with Honors, in 2009. I was tired of school and decided I wanted to work for a while, and tripped into the job that I have now. DC's told me that I was born lucky, and while I'm not sure that's really true, things just seem to line up for me sometimes. This job was one of them. I'm a lab technician for a research facility, and while it's been great and I'm very thankful for my opportunities here, I'm struggling. It may have something to do with the fact that I'm tiring of this long distance relationship business; or it may be that I find myself counting down the hours when I step inside the building. I'm 24 - I shouldn't feel this way about a job already!

I used to teach swimming lessons, and I've coached soccer and swim team as well. I remember how wrapped up I was in teaching these children new skills and finding ways to engage them. I LOVED it. The time flew by, and before I knew it I was saying goodbye and was heading home preparing for the next class. When DC decided he was going to apply to a Law school that coincidentally (...or not?) had a one year Education program, I jumped on it and applied as well.

Remember how I said things just seem to line up? We were both accepted into our programs! Hurdle #1: complete! I was actually first accepted into the High School Stream (instead of Elementary School, which is what I really wanted), and so I called and begged and pleaded, and despite not having a required course, they switched me into the Elementary Stream! Hurdle #2: complete! This program has an integrated practicum component, which means there are three sessions (one 2 weeks, one 3 weeks, and one 7 weeks; as well as every Monday) scattered throughout the year in which we are placed with a teacher at a school. We could list our top three choices for school district; the idea being that if you were from a Northern (read: 6 hours away) part of the province, you could go live with your parents during those sessions. Since I only know a handful of people in the province, and none that I would really feel comfortable living with for 12 weeks, I chose (with DC's help) the closest three school districts. The bottom line was, if I got my third choice, I could still end up driving 2 hours (one way!) to get to a school. This province has notoriously bad weather in the winter, and I was not looking forward to such a crazy commute.

Stress, stress, and more stress led up to me receiving a one line email last week:
"Your placement is at _(name of the street)_ Street School with _(teacher's name)__ (K). More information to follow."

I zoomed my little fingers over to Google and wouldn't you know it.......the school is less than 3 kilometers from our new apartment!!!!! (Hurdle #3: complete!!!) And the "K" stands for Kindergarten!!! This is a big deal because I was secretly hoping for the littlest ones :) I've been hearing that Kindergarten is chaos (and I get to be there for the first week of school!!), and I CAN'T WAIT!!

Let's not forget the other major part I'm looking forward to: finally being in the same place as DC for more than two days at a time. It will be three years for us in September, and two of those years have been apart. While I wouldn't trade our time apart (it's gotten us to where we are now, which I think is a pretty sweet place to be!), I cannot WAIT to see his face every day, and for not having to dial 29 numbers every time we talk!

Here's to Change! Hooray!

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