Wednesday, April 11, 2007


This one time, my professor from my Research course emails me. Which is normal, because she's really cool, and I like to pretend we're tight. Anyways. So she emailed me to ask if I would mind if she could quote a piece from one of my papers for her first year class next year. I says, "Mind! Are you kidding! Read the whole paper if your little heart desires!" ..except, that wasn't quite how I said it. So I thought to myself, does this make me a quoted author? And then I got really excited.. not bad for writing it at 2:30 in the morning.

I wrote the paper on the ethics of growth attenuation therapy (google it). Here's the piece that she wanted to quote:

"One can never completely separate individual beliefs and science. Everyone who is involved in science is a human being, and therefore each person comes with their pre-conceived ideas, religious backgrounds, and individual beliefs. Regardless of how objective one tries to be, there will always be bias present, simply due to the fact that science is carried out by humans, and ethics and ethical dilemmas are interwoven as part of our being (and gratefully so, as it prevents us from doing many things that had we not been born with this inherent sense of right and wrong, would be considered extraordinarily inhumane and unjust)."

Now, I'm no literary critic, so this could be a piece of crap, but I enjoyed writing it. I never realized before this year how much I love putting my thoughts in written form. I just finished writing an exam in Religious Studies, and I said things like "fiery cataclysmic imagery" (which I think is fairly brilliant, myself). Who knew writing could be so much fun?

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